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Traditional therapy is based on building rapport and slowly getting to the root over time, whereas both Rapid Transformation Therapy and Advanced Conversational Hypnosis are orientated towards rapid results that are profound, permanent and life-changing from the onset.

Rapid Transformation Therapy, RTT, ultilises some of the best elements of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) in order to get to the root cause of the issue in the first session.

The sessions are performed under hypnosis in order to gain powerful understanding and produce  change at the deepest levels.

Most clients’ issues are resolved in 1 – 3 sessions, so there is no sitting around and talking about it every week for a year whilst you are still in pain. What I have found frequently quoted after a session is ‘That was like 10 years of therapy’. 

Freedom and Expansio


A one-on-one online meeting to find out more about this rapid, highly effective and well-regarded style of therapy, as well the opportunity to ask any questions you may have around what can be expected from working together.

Tania welcomes curiosity, seeing a spirit of enquiry as often being the next most important step towards achieving health and wellbeing. 

With zero obligation you have nothing to lose!

To find out more, set the wheels in motion and book a call. Alternatively if you wish to enquire about additional times or dates to those available on the calendar please connect via the form on the home page.

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"mindset completely changed"

There is something very still, very calm, and yet incredibly strong about Tania’s healing method and the energy she has. And whilst we removed some huge issues that could have been upsetting, could have been triggering, because of the way Tania guided the session, it just was such a beautiful experience.

Since our session my mindset has completely changed. The anxiety has gone and I have real clarity now with the energy I need to really take my life to the next level.


"a significant shift immediately"

Tania expertly guided me towards locating and letting go of the limiting beliefs I had unconsciously created and which then lead to the issues of anxiety and fear that I was experiencing at the time. This was such a release for me, and I instantly noticed a significant shift in myself after the session.

I have since felt more grounded and what I can only describe as feeling safe. Safe to experience life no matter what happens and safe to be me.