Our unique journey to the heart of your issue uncovers and unlocks those things which have held you back from living your purpose and reaching your true potential.

With insight, understanding and actionable steps forward together we can place you firmly back on your path to true, lasting freedom, passion, purpose and joy.

Let’s begin today!

The answers are already inside you. 











What we do?

Free your mind to dive deeply into life and enjoy all it has to offer


In order to move forward with your life we travel back to the point at which you departed from your true nature and reclaim those aspects that are uniquely you.


A free mind expands beyond all limitations and by changing the lens with which you view yourself you’re able to see more clearly the potential within you.


By installing and embodying new beliefs and ways for being you are able to create a new blueprint for your life with thoughts, habits and actions that align with your deepest self.


Becoming who you’re meant to be allows you to live life by your design expressing your full potential. Whether subtle or on a grand scale the value lays in it being the truest reflection of you.

Your mind holds the key to understanding what is holding you back. So once you’ve unlocked this power the journey towards living life on your own terms is back in your hands.

Sometimes we can reach a place in our lives where we wake in the mornings and wonder how we got so far from ourselves. Perhaps through injury, illness or trauma our lives have somehow veered from the path we were on some ways back and it almost feels a bridge too far to find our way forward through the maze. 

Perhaps you feel like you’ve become someone you’re not, that you’re living someone else’s life and you can no longer relate to who you’ve become. Numbing out through addiction, shutting down and disconnecting with technology or the myriad forms of escape life affords us today may be some of the ways you’ve adapted to cope with the pressure of your work, the weight of past trauma or the feelings of “impasse” that illness and injury can bring to bear.

Or life just kind of hijacked your dreams and started running the show and now you feel stuck, unfulfilled, anxious, low in energy or completely out of touch with yourself. Feelings of hopelessness are completely normal when joy for life and hope for the future end up flickering on the screen as someone else’s story but no longer yours. 

It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves with so much happening in the world. Feeling overwhelmed, alone or powerless in the face of the events of the last couple of years is perfectly normal. 

Very early on in my own journey of self-discovery I realised it was integral to my healing to go back in order to go forward. It is my passion, privilege and calling to work on these deeper levels with you too as freedom, I believe, is everyone’s birthright. Freedom to be you unapologetically, authentically and always. Through gentle and powerful guidance and discovery using Rapid Transformational Therapy we are able to get to the root cause of your issue whether it’s around healing emotional wounds, dissolving blocks or breaking negative patterns so that you can find your own unique way forward. All the answers are within you.

This isn’t a magic bullet, your willingness to change is vital, but without question together we can set you on the right track with life-changing breakthroughs which in turn lead to positive feelings, meaningful actions and measurable outcomes.


‘Free your mind and the rest will follow’ 

meet tania

It’s my passion and purpose to reconnect others to their true selves, to shine a light in the shadows and to ignite their imagination to dare to dream again.

Hi I am Tania and I have been through my share of life-defining trauma and struggle to find my place in this wild and wonderful world. The ripples and riptides held me hostage controlling my life for many years. I hid from life, keeping myself small figuring wading in the ripples was easier than risking drowning in the riptides.

I learnt to dance around the edges of pain, inviting it in then booting it out in a cycle of despair and repair, walking a tightrope between between life and death, light and darkness. I learnt to go where angels fear to tread which earned me a fearlessness that I use in my healing work today, but it was a heartbreaking journey to embody that gift because I lost many fellow travelers along the way.

To honour that pain I promised each of them that should I make it through I would create a safe place, a haven, a moment to just BE, where weary travelers could rest and regroup, be heard, seen and valued. A space where everyone had an equal place at the table and just being your true self was a celebration, an extraordinary miracle, a statement of truth and the most powerful force for change. Well I did it I got there. It took me a long time to work through the pain and dysfunction (if only I knew then what I know now). But when I finally let go of my story and found the truest expression of myself, life changed forever.

I now help other people do the same through powerful therapies, embodiment exercises and strategies to see the world in a new way with a new lens. If you are ready to change then let’s get started. It’s my passion and honour to guide you and with your willingness we will get you there. I did a lot of my work solo and it was often a hard lonely journey. I now know it doesn’t have to be that way so just let me say “How can I can help you?” and just like that the beginning of your transformation will be under way. The power is in your hands. I believe in you!!




RTT is a unique therapy, which impacts your life from the moment you step into your session.

It’s a unique blend of trusted techniques that when combined have the most phenomenal impact.

It’s new, its Innovative, It calls into your life that which you do want, and eliminates the unwanted.




There are three types of change we see with RTT Therapy:

Immediate – Incremental – Retroactive

Whilst we love seeing the Instant gratification of regaining power over whatever is holding you back, also witnessing the long-term effects 6 and 12 months after your treatment is just as incredible.




We call it Zoomnosis!

Of course I love to see my clients in person, however our new techno-enabled world means we can connect to you anywhere in the world just as easily & effectively as face-to-face.

We are based in Newcastle, just North of Sydney but our clients and success stories come from all corners of the world.




RTT is completely safe, recognised and celebrated around the world.

The modality is acknowledged by numerous professional bodies and has won many awards.

Every RTT Practitioner goes through a rigorous program of training, development and assessment to ensure only the highest standards of safety and professionalism in everything we do.




Every mind is different.

Every life is unique.

And every session is completely bespoke.

The beauty of RTT is applying this incredible process to your life story will give you a solution that is completely unique to you.




There are 21 days of intensive support after each session.

You will receive a beautiful personalised treatment audio to listen to, and any additional tools you might need to support and celebrate your growth.


I worked with Tania to try and resolve some very new issues of anxiety that have appeared in my life and made no sense to me at all.
Working over zoom, in different countries, it is fair to say I was a little skeptical as to how effective this might be. I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I have seen counsellors and therapists over the years as things have happened in my life, but I have never met anyone quite like Tania before. She is incredible. Her gift is mind blowing.

Tania had put a lot of time and energy into preparation for our session, and I felt incredibly safe as she walked me through her process of first finding, and then resolving this issue for me. There is something very still, very calm, and yet incredibly strong about Tania’s healing method and the energy she has. And whilst we removed some huge issues that could have been upsetting, could have been triggering, it was just a beautiful experience because of the way Tania managed it. 

“We don’t have to be defined by the past, but without the right help it is easy for that to happen.”

There has been a massive shift in my life since our session; my mindset has completely changed, and the anxiety is gone, I have real clarity now and the energy I need to really take my life to the next level.  

I am so grateful to Tania for helping me heal this issue.


Thank you, Tania, from the bottom of my heart – you are truly an amazing therapist and doing such beautiful work.

Your ability to walk beside me during the session together with your intuitive approach to know exactly where to take me next – was so profound.

I loved how your techniques are so varied and bespoke to the person and I loved how the session had a calm meaningful flow to it. I just knew I was in good hands. Your guidance and patience, you were present every step of the way, and so invested in me to get the result I wanted.

You had the skill to take me back to the root cause – a real journey of the soul – right back to the beginning. And then to be able to bring it all together – to make sense of what just presented. To help me see how it all related to present day – was nothing short of liberating and freeing.

Thank you, Tania, for an amazing RTT session. I have such a depth of understanding now – everything makes sense.

You are the real deal and the perfect person for this type of work.


From the moment I met Tania, I felt so comfortable and so safe to explore whatever I needed to uncover in my session. I had been struggling with some anxiety and fear. 

Tania seemed to really understand what I was feeling, and I knew immediately she would know what I needed. 

Tania expertly guided me to explore the scenes that lead me to the issue I was facing today. She helped me understand and let go of the limiting beliefs I had established. This was such a release for me, and I noticed a shift in myself instantly after my session. 

I have since felt more grounded and what I can only describe as feeling safe. Safe to experience life no matter what happens and safe to be me. 

I truly cannot thank you enough. There has certainly been a significant change in me. I now have that permanent anchor, which is what I tap into anytime I feel overwhelmed or tempted to give in to those pesky anxious feelings.



Tania is an amazing RTT therapist. She helped me with an issue I’ve been struggling with for about 20 years. Some limiting beliefs were so deeply embedded in me, it was super hard to release them. I couldn’t even release them after recognising them and realising what damage they were causing in my life. However Tania pointed out during the RTT session a few really good reasons why I need to release them. In just one session i completely released these limiting beliefs 😊 since then I’m much happier in general, I feel much lighter and much more optimistic about life. Even though this session was just after Tania graduated, she helped me more than I thought any RTT therapist could in just 1 session.



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