360º Transformational Hypnotherapy

Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Fear Rapidly & Permanently

Transforming Habitual Patterns of Negative or Unhealthy Thinking into Clarity & Confidence 

Increasing Motivation, Focus, Energy and Creativity

The solutions already lay within

The Power of Perspective


Free your mind to dive deeper into life 

Horses running free


In order to move forward with your life we travel back to the point at which you departed from your true nature and reclaim those aspects that are uniquely you.


A free mind expands beyond all limitations and by changing the lens with which you view yourself you’re able to see more clearly the potential within you.

Unlimited Potential


By installing and embodying new beliefs and ways for being you are able to create a new blueprint for your life with thoughts, habits and actions that align with your deepest self.


Becoming who you’re meant to be allows you to live life by your design expressing your full potential. Whether subtle or on a grand scale the value lays in it being the truest reflection of you.

Your mind is the key to what is holding you back!

Feelings of life being full of limitless possibilities – being hopeful, inspired, full of promise – fuel those sorts of positive experiences that lead to a true sense of meaning and purpose. And yet they are frequently side-lined through time and circumstances as more weight is given to career demands, parenting obligations or the expectations placed on us by traditional roles within relationships, communities and organisations. We are often left with little room to connect with ourselves on those deeper levels which can lead to a feeling of distance from those  vital parts of ourselves that inspire and facilitate change and growth.

Also for many, perhaps as a result of injury, illness, childhood trauma, life-changing events and challenges like death, job loss or even the onset of a ‘midlife crisis’ the drift from the path they felt they were on can be so gradual yet profound that by the time they realise, the journey needed to reconnect back to themselves can seem insurmountable, instead opting by default to remain in a state of ‘comfortable discomfort’.

The feeling that life somehow hijacked your dreams and started running the show often results in  accompanying symptoms of dis-ease such as fear (that it will always be this way), inertia, anxiety, lack of motivation, feeling unfulfilled, or an uncomfortable sense of being completely out of touch with your own wants and needs. 

The knock-on affects to our health and wellbeing can end up placing us in a perpetual cycle of despair and discontent. No wonder we turn to external means to ease the pain. Numbing out through addiction, shutting down and disconnecting with technology or a myriad of other forms of escape that life affords us today are some of the ways we’ve adapted to cope with the mounting pressures within homes, work places and more broadly socially and globally.

We can sometimes reach a place in our lives where we hardly recognise the person we’ve become, barely able to remember dreams and goals previously held , almost as if life plays out around us rather than through us. 

The human spirit does however have a wonderful tendency, an inbuilt drive, to keep hope alive even in the face of it all and maybe, just maybe, that’s how you found your way here!

The work we do at ‘360º Transformational Therapy’ taps into the innate power of the subconscious mind. It’s there that the core of our limiting beliefs originates and so it makes great sense that it would be there that we go to resolve and release them. We take the most direct route in a session knowing that YOU are the best person to turn to when it comes to finding a way around those obstacles that stand in the way of you living your most fulfilling life.

By utilising hypno-therapeutic enquiry, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and other complimentary techniques we are able to get to the root cause of your issue whether it’s around healing emotional wounds, dissolving creative or motivational blocks, addressing anxiety, fears and phobias, or breaking negative patterns so that you can move forward and  create positive, permanent and meaningful change in your life.


Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT Practitioner, Advanced Conversational Therapist

Hi I’m Tania! So truthfully, I’ve been through quite the journey of life-defining trials and tribulations to find my ‘place’ in this wild and wonderful world. The ripples and riptides held me hostage controlling my life for many years. I often hid from life, keeping myself small, unconsciously deciding that wading in the ripples was easier than risking drowning in the riptides.

I learnt to dance around the edges of pain, inviting it in then booting it out in a cycle of despair and repair; walking a tightrope between life and death, light and darkness. I learnt to go where angels hardly dare to tread which earned me a fearlessness that I use in my healing work today. More often than not it was a heart-breaking journey that left a trail of loss; missed opportunities, broken relationships, health challenges and a life half-lived, basically a world away from the great things I had envisioned for myself in the realms of my imagination growing up. 

In short there was a lot of pain!!

Fortunately my innate curiosity and courage remained intact enough to compel me to delve deeper into the wonderful workings of the mind in search of ways to unlock myself from these limiting patterns. The turning point came from deep within when I realised the power I had to either destroy or create for myself was dependant on the beliefs, ideas and stories that I created in my head. These breakthroughs led me on a profound personal healing journey which in turn drew me to help other’s reclaim their own greatest ally within the powerful reaches of their mind.

I did a lot of my work solo and it was often a hard, lonely journey. I do see now that it doesn’t have to be that way so just let me ask: “How can I can help you?” from here the beginning of your transformation is already under way with the power to change returning back into your hands!


Both RTT and Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy are unique therapies, which impact your life from the moment you step into your session.

Transforming limiting behaviours and thought patterns into new perspectives and strategies sometimes in as little as 1-3 sessions.

Innovative. Powerful. Permanent. Highly Effective Transformations!


There are three types of change we see as a result of working together:

Immediate . Incremental . Retroactive

Whilst we love seeing the instant gratification of regaining power over whatever is holding you back, also witnessing the long-term effects 6 and 12 months after your treatment is just as incredible.


We call it Zoomnosis!

We love to see our clients in person, however global-connectivity means we can work with you anywhere there’s wifi as easily & effectively as face-to-face.

We are based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia but our clients and success stories come from all corners of the world.


RTT is completely safe, recognised and celebrated around the world.
The modality is acknowledged by numerous professional bodies and has won many awards.
Every RTT Practitioner goes through a rigorous program of training, development and assessment to ensure only the highest standards of safety and professionalism in everything we do.


Every mind is different. Every person’s life has it’s own set of challenges.

And every is session completely tailored to the individual.

The beauty of Transformational Therapy is that applying this incredible process to your life story will give you solutions that are completely unique to your needs.


There are 30 days of personal support after each session.

I’m here for ongoing email contact or sms, as well as providing any additional tools or strategies you might need to support your journey towards achieving a life of deep connection to your authentic self and all the benefits that naturally flow from there.


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